What You Can Expect

Motivational Teaching


Andy's motivational teaching style of the John Maxwell leadership principles will plant the seeds of  thought in the  participants' mind. His enthusiastic delivery will move the seed of thought from the head to the heart where it will germinate into practical application resulting in growth and change. Truly, Transformational Thought in Action

Enthusiastic Speaking


En Theos literally translated from its Latin roots means spirit within. It is the origin for the word enthusiasm. Whether its a 6 minute introduction or a 60 minute motivational corporate engagement, Andy's enthusiastic speaking style connects with his audience and adds value to their experience.



Imagine a relationship that is entirely focused on you. Identifying, defining, and confirming what you want for your professional life. Your goals, your objectives.  Andy will hold up the mirror to your thoughts, your actions, and your behaviors which have kept you in chains, effectively locking you down from your growth. The answers are within you. Andy's coaching will help you to find them. 


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